What are your opening times?

Mon- fri 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm

When can I collect my items?

Times can vary depending on the order. When the order is placed you will be given an estimated time frame.

For waxes received before 11am we can offer a Next Day turnaround, when casting Silver or Bronze items.

Items that have not been collected will be stored for a maximum 3 months and will then be destroyed (any deposit may be kept to cover costs) – You may send others to collect your items, however, a member of staff will need to be notified of this beforehand

Do you store rubber moulds?

Moulds belong to you once paid for and will be returned to you on a job by job basis.

Although for convenience moulds can be stored on site if agreed with a member of staff.

Do you cast from a wax?

Yes. As well as standard carving wax intended for casting purposes, we also accept all other forms of wax including candle-wax, beeswax, etc. Anything that can melt!

As well as this we also have some success using plastics / acrylic in our burn-out process. Please enquire for more details regarding the specifics.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and Cash

What are your casting charges?

Please provide further details of your order to a member of staff for pricing.

Do you deliver?

Yes we are happy to receive and send orders via post, worldwide.

What happens if I’ve lost my sheet?

At Just Castings we love our order sheets. In the event of losing your sheet please ensure you are able to provide a member of staff with an accurate description of your items or perhaps a picture, so they can be identified easily. Descriptions such as “I’m here to collect my casting, it was a blue wax” are unhelpful and will only lengthen the collection process.