We have a wealth of experience in casting both precious and base metals. Our castings are carried out on a daily basis many of which have a 24 hour turnaround. Find out more →


In house we offer a full electroplating service. We can accommodate anything from standard jewellery items to large restoration pieces. We plate in a variety of metals, with thicknesses specified in microns. Find out more →


Cad/Cam services are becoming increasingly popular, with the ability to turn a rough concept into a 3D model that can be proofed and turned into precision wax form ready for casting. Find out more →


Our team finishes pieces made in various metals on a regular basis. This can vary from one off items to large scale orders. Our experienced in house team have the expertise to achieve highly polished surfaces, seamless solder joints and mixed materialed items. Find out more →

Stone Setting

From precision small stone setting under a microscope to classic diamond setting or large cocktail rings we can set all to complete your piece to perfection. Find out more →

Mould Making

Our 3 main kinds of mould can replicate any master / pattern that has been fabricated or comes from a non-metal source i.e. bone, plastic etc. This can then be used to cast in a desired metal or produce waxes that can be reworked. Find out more →

Don’t like to read? See below a video of our process in full with Alice Made This: